Muse Cue Strap Test

Rs. 2,599.00 Rs. 4,999.00

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Color: Black

Muse Cue Strap Test

Color: Black
Rs. 2,599.00 Rs. 4,999.00

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Why Intelligent?

24/7 Heart rate monitor
SpO2 measurement
Body Temperature monitor
Stress monitor ( using HRV )
Personalised health score
Real time health alerts
Activity and Fitness tracker
Sleep tracker
Muse health app

Every beat matters

Observe how your pulse adapts to your activities . Whether you are sleeping, working or just relaxing, your cue will keep a track of your HR all the way with our advanced optical sensors .

All day SpO2 monitoring

Cue monitors your Blood Oxygen level ( SpO2 ) at regular intervals in the day to get a detailed picture. Trigger a measurement any time you want

Holistic approach to your health

Keep a track of your skin and body temperature with Muse Cue and maintain a complete health profile so that you don't miss out on anything.

Take stress out of the way

Dive deep into your stress levels with an advanced metric:
Heart Rate variability ( HRV ) that evaluates the performance of
your nervous system.Trigger a HRV measurement at least once in a day and understand your stress levels like never before

Right alerts at the right time

Is your HR higher even when at rest? Is your SpO2 too low ? Don’t worry. Your Cue sends real time alerts about any values that are out of range. You can also change the limits for various alerts according to your doctor’s recommendations


“Health Score”

Get daily updates about your health. Our algorithm identifies unique patterns in your vitals and are matched with your daily vitals to give you personalised suggestions

Sleep tracking

Detect your sleep patterns and get detailed insights by tracking your vitals during sleep. Muse Cue also recognises any movements during sleep to help you understand and optimize your sleep.

All in one health and nutrition app

Find all your device settings, get insights about your vitals and keep all your health information at one place with the safe and secure Muse Health app


Muse Cue Health Tracker can be synced with your smartphone through Bluetooth that is available in every old and latest smartphone. Search for the device on your smartphone and pair the health tracker with one easy step and get all the health-related notifications from the very comfort of your wrist.

Muse Cue Health Tracker comes installed with advanced sensors like Heart Rate Sensor, Accelerometer, Temperature Node, and SpO2 Sensor. Heart Rate Sensors keep track of your heart rate 24/7. The latest SpO2 sensor keeps track of your oxygen saturation levels in periodic intervals. The Temperature Node sensor tells the user about the body temperature at regular intervals.

Muse Cue Health Tracker activity usually lasts up to 3-4 days with a standby time of 2 weeks. The device takes up to 1.5 hr to get fully recharged. The health tracker comes with a separate charging cable that can be found inside the box in which you received your amazing Muse Cue Health Tracker.

The top body of Muse Cue Health Tracker is made from Aluminium which gives it a sturdy and premium look, and the bottom part is made from Plastic. The device is Water Splash Proof certified, which means that it can easily sustain the splash of water or sweat, or rain.

Muse Cue tracks the user’s heart rate at regular intervals and sends active notifications for appropriate action. The device also keeps track of your oxygen saturation levels, body temperature, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and monitors them all even while you are sleeping. With its in-depth vitals analysis, users can check their progress on a daily basis and can act accordingly.

Muse Cue Health Tracker has got a smart alarm feature that wakes you up in the morning, so that, you can start your day with a designated goal in mind. The call notification feature allows you to keep track of your important work-related calls in between your regular workout session. The device’s in-built memory saves up to 5 days of the body’s stats and information.


We understand that everyone who orders from us is eager to get their hands on their Muse products as early as possible. We try our best to make the wait shorter. Shipping is initiated within 24 - 48 hrs after order confirmation. We offer free shipping on all orders placed on


We don’t accept any returns, however, in case of any issue with your Muse Cue device can easily be exchanged through proper channels under provided warranty period.


Muse Cue can easily be synced with your Android smartphone. Install the Muse Cue Health App, search the Muse Cue name in the Bluetooth device’s list on your phone, and you are all set! For more information visit here -

Muse Cue is compatible with every current Android version. User can easily connect their device through Bluetooth.

At the moment, Muse Cue only works with smartphones running on Android UI. We are working hard to make the device compatible with ios as well.

Muse Cue comes with a one-year warranty. In case of any issue with the product, the buyer can connect us on our official email id -


  • Muse Cue should only be used for general health and fitness tracking purposes and not for medical purposes.
  • Muse Cue can be your regular walking or running and gymming companion. However, if the device or your hands get wet due to excessive sweat, it is suggested that you dry the hand prior to using it. The moisture from the sweat can damage the device.
  • Sync your Muse Cue with Muse Health App, which is compatible with almost every latest Android smartphone.
  • Battery life varies depending upon the user’s usage.
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor tracks your Heart rate at a regular interval.
  • The actual product appearance may slightly vary from the illustrations/pictures shown on the website.

Buy Muse Cue Health Tracker Online

Over the years, health trackers have become an important part of our daily lives. Health trackers enable us to keep track of our daily activities and health activities by providing us with regular notifications and reports. Muse Cue is one such health-tracking device that sits perfectly on your wrist.

Why Choose Muse Cue?

Muse Cue is your perfect health companion that stays with you all day long, as its battery lasts up to 3-4 days. It comes with features such as a Heart Rate Monitor, Body Vitals Tracker, Monitors your Oxygen Saturation or SpO2 Levels, Skin Temperature, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Tracking, and Smart Alarm. With all these features you will never back down from achieving your daily goals to attain the perfect and healthy lifestyle you always wanted. Muse Cue comes in three amazing and attractive colors which you can choose from based on your preference and style.

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If you are looking for the best health tracker, then don’t wait in the queue and choose Muse Cue Health Tracker.