An all new biomarker
Our fueling system is backed by Continuous Glucose monitoring. Glucose values give insights into how your body reacts to different types of food. This gives you the opportunity to improve your diet and lifestyle.
Feel sluggish after lunch?
or completely out of energy during a workout?
Real time glucose monitoring can tell you how foods are affecting how you feel through out the day.
Gain insights on your food habits and nutrition. Make improvements to your lifestyle and see positive behavioural changes in as short as 3 months.
Lose Weight
Using science and personalisation, lose weight and keep it off for good. Be more mindful of your eating habits, and get the knowledge and support you need for sustaining change
Improve athletic performance
Focus on your personal nutrition to increase energy, reduce inflammation, promote recovery and sustain performance
Enhance your metabolism
Never run out of energy or feel lethargic. Find the right nutrition to stay energised through out the day
Improve productivity at work
Prime your mind to sustain great productivity for long hours. Unlock your mental performance by keeping your glucose in the optimal range.
Reverse metabolic disorders
Analyse how your nutrition and lifestyle is affecting your glucose. Be it obesity, pre-diabetes or diabetes ( type-2 ), use data driven insights to make long lasting behavioural improvements.
Continuous glucose monitor records your glucose in real time and syncs the data with the Muse app
Log your lifestyle and understand how it influences your Metabolic health
Log your foods using the calorie tracker and see what’s missing in your nutrition with a breakdown of your micro and macro nutrients
Learn to eat the right foods at the right time with the fuel meter. Maintain the right amount of glucose in your body to crush your goals
Optimise your glucose during workouts and maximise your performance
Get timely insights to help you make impactful behaviour changes
Join a community of like minded people and find motivation together