Warranty and Service


Do you offer a warranty?

Your Muse watch is warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase against all manufacturing defects.

For warranty repairs, the defective watch must be registered as soon as possible by sending an email to support@musewearables.com. In this email, please specify the relevant details, and provide a detailed description of the issue with pictures if relevant.

Please note that all of the goods have to be shipped to Muse Wearables premises by the customer, and the shipping fees are handled by the customer as well. In case of a warranty, the repair and the shipping back of the repaired items are covered by Muse Wearables.

Battery changes are not considered a warranty repair service.

Please note, your warranty does not cover:

  • 1. Failure or damage resulting from improper use, lack of care, or accidents (i.e. knocks, dents, crushing, broken crystal, etc.)
  • 2. Aesthetic changes resulting from normal wear, tear and aging (i.e. scratched case or crystal, alteration of the color and/or material of non-metallic straps).
  • 3. Muse watches serviced by non-certified repair staff (e.g. for battery replacement, service, or repairs).

Your warranty receipt should be shipped along with your watch. Battery replacement is not covered under the warranty but is available for a reasonable fee.


What if my watch breaks by accident?

If your timepiece is damaged in a manner not covered by our warranty terms, please send complete details to support@musewearables.com and arrange an out-of-warranty repair for a reasonable fee.