Presenting MUSE Hybrid Smartwatch.

The best hybrid smartwatch that personifies elegance, respect, success and also boasts of smart features like Fitness tracking, UV Radiation tracking, NFC contactless payment, music control and much more.

Best Hybrid smartwatch for best price.

Choose from our wide range of Muse Grandeur and Minimo collection.


NFC Enabled | Sweat Resistant Leather
Quick Release | Multiple Colours Straps


Muse Pay-Hybrid SmartWatch AI Hybrid Smartwatch-Activity and Sleep Tracking-Muse Wearables

Time Keeping

Get the accurate time

The watch automatically updates its time to the digital time. This makes it handy during traveling.

Set a secondary timezone of your loved ones or business partners. View the time there with the click of a button.



Protect yourself from harmful UV rays and prevent skin aging with our in-built UV alert notifications.

Trigger a UV Sensor reading anytime, anywhere with the click of a button and know if you are exposed to Low, Medium or Heavy UV Radiation

Hybrid Watch-Best Smartwatch-Activity Tracker, Sleep Tracker Watch, Smartwatch Features-Muse Wearables

Stay Active

Get Motivated

The watch motivates you to be more active and helps you achieve your daily activity goals.

Get fit

Track your activity and sleep

Dress up the fitness freak in you and stay fit anytime, anywhere. Track your activities on the go and watch the activity meter display your goal percentage achieved for the day.  

Activity Tracking

Sleep Tracking

Stay Connected for

Subtle Notifications

This watch connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Notifies you subtly with a vibration and an analog display.

Call Alerts

UV alerts

Email Alerts

Forgot phone

distraction free

Filtered Notifications

Get message alerts from apps of your choice.
Customize and filter your notifications the way you want.
Stay connected to apps that are important to you.

Silent Alert

Call Alerts with Caller ID

Get subtle call alerts along with caller ID.
Make caller groups like Family, Friends, Work.
Know who is calling you at a glance. Cancel or
snooze the call with a button click.

Click pictures easy

Camera Control

Control phone camera to click pictures even from a distance.
The perfect way to take a group selfie.

Your watch. Your presets

Music Control

Control music on your phone with watch buttons.
Increase or Decrease volume.
Play or Pause Track.
Play Previous or Next track.

Tap and Go Payments

MusePay – MasterCard

Enjoy hassle-free cashless transactions with a tap of your hand at any one of the 38 Million contactless Mastercard POS terminals across the world with Musepay.

MusePay is completely safe and uses the same technology as your Debit or Credit cards. It is currently available for India, UK and EU Residents only.


Emergency Alert

Trigger an emergency Alert with the click of a button. A notification will be sent to your loved ones with the GPS location and your call for help.

Track your phone with

'Find Phone' Feature

You can make your phone ring when you misplace it.

1 Year Battery Life

No Charging Needed

Comes with a 1 year battery life. At the end of 1 year, just replace the battery with a new CR2430 Battery



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