Muse Health-Health Alert, Track Activity-Track Health Issues-Health Issues Alert-Muse Wearables

Muse Health: A holistic health and wellness coaching and monitoring App.

Design a healthy lifestyle with Muse Health, which helps you to track and monitor your sleep, calories burned, weight, nutrition, heart rate and more. Whether your aim is to lose weight or gain muscle or just to eat healthy, Muse Smart Coach is at your service to give you insights and exclusive action plans based on your current health grade and the target you want to achieve. Muse Health also keeps a detailed record of your health data to check trends and your lifestyle progress.

Muse Health is a complete package, for guidance and support on every aspect of your health and wellness.

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Assess your health

Know yourself

Virtual Assessments

Get a 360 degree view of your current lifestyle, on all your health aspects like fitness, sleep, weight, nutrition, heart rate, mental and more, by taking simple virtual assessments. Once you complete this assessment, you will know how to start your fitness journey with Muse Health Coach. This health and fitness profile on Muse shows which habits affect your health in a positive and negative way.


Better improve your health over time by making changes in your lifestyle, through guided actions and tips suggested by the Muse health App. Muse health tailors the tips and actions based on your Assessments and health data.

Health Alert, Track Activity, Predict Health Issues, Track Health Issues, Health Issues Alert-Muse Wearables
Muse Health-Health Alert, Track Activity-Health Issues Alert-Muse Wearables

Smart Body Analysis

Sleep Analysis

- The muse health studies your sleep cycle for you
- Provides insights about your sleep pattern
- Wakes you up with a smart alarm for an energetic day

SPO2 Analysis

SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) levels are very important to monitor your respiratory issues. Low oxygen levels can be life-threatening & it is important to know the drop in oxygen levels well in advance. Muse Cue uses reflective pulse oximetry to monitor SpO2 levels directly from the wrist. The tracker flashes red and IR Leds onto the wrist and reads back the reflected signals via photodiodes. These signals are used to calculate the blood oxygen saturation levels

Muse Health-Muse Cue-Health Alert, Track Activity-Health Issues Alert-Muse Wearables
Muse Health-Muse Cue-Health Alert, Track Activity-Health Issues Alert-Muse Wearables

Baseline Value Formation

Unlike any other fitness band, the AI in Muse Tracker learns from the baseline values. By continuous monitoring of vitals, the tracker creates the baseline values for every individual. As the tracker being context-aware it can differentiate the variations of vitals during restfulness/sleep or any activity. If there is a variation from the baseline values, the tracker will alert you about health or disease risks. This helps in understanding body patterns providing concrete alerts during discrepancies. Once the measurements are taken, the Muse Cue sends all of the data onto the Muse Health App downloaded on your smartphone.

Record your health data

The Muse health app makes it simple to store all your health and fitness data and sort through it with ease. The interactive graphs lets you see the trends over time, see how they have changed over the week, month or year.

Muse Health-Health Alert, Track Activity-Health Issues Alert-Muse Wearables

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