I’ll help you to be 
healthier and prosperous

Revolutionary Conversational UI

I’m an Intelligent AI that can converse with you to provide you services in Fitness.
I can understand your texts, voice and even images!

Respond without typing

I understand you so well that I can predict what your replies are going to be! So now you don’t have to type the same things again and again. Just use the Quick Replies.


Express yourself to someone who understands you

Let's have a conversation where you are understood at a deeper level with my robust NLU.


Enjoy the rich media

Experience the full power of me with rich media like photos, gifs, videos, and so much more so that you're not having any dull moment on the app.



The quality and quantity of sleep affects physical health, mental health, productivity, emotional balance and even the health of your heart. So with our Muse hybrid watch, automatically track your sleep routines and sleep quality, while our Smart Alarm feature wakes you up fresh.



Proper hydration makes your skin glow, helps you lose weight and plays a fundamental role in your overall health. Now, with features like water in-take logging, daily hydration goals and custom reminders, tracking your hydration levels is easier than ever.


Resting Heart Rate

Measuring Resting heart rate (RHR) is one of the most effective ways to gauge your health in a minute. Now with Muse Fitness app, all you need is your phone to measure, monitor and get valuable suggestions all at your fingertips.