Muse Cue


It’s all about the right time to measure your body vitals...

As you do various activities throughout the day, it is important to know the current activity status while a periodic measurement is being taken.

Muse Cue remains context aware and waits for the right time to measure your body vitals. 

Users can also trigger a real time measurement via the App anytime to get the data at that instant.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Muse Cue with its highly impressive optical sensors helps you track your heart rate throughout the day and night. 

Observe that your sleeping Heart rate should be significantly lower than when you are awake. 

Also monitor your Heart Rate after your workout session by triggering a real time measurement.

Oxygen Saturation Monitoring

With its optical sensors and time tested algorithms, Muse Cue precisely measures your oxygen saturation or SpO2 levels in periodic intervals.

Ideally, your SpO2 levels are in the range of 95-99% and pretty much remain in the same range.

Skin Temperature Tracking

Muse Cue’s highly accurate temperature sensor measures skin temperature throughout the day. 

With this, Cue estimates your body temperature for you to monitor daily.

Heart Rate Variability and Respiratory Rate

Heart Rate Variability gives a performance measure of your autonomic nervous system or the ANS, which determines your fight or flight response and recovery.

Respiratory rate or breaths per minute gives a direct measure of your respiratory health.

Measure your Heart Rate Variability and Respiratory Rate from your App at least once everyday - preferably just after waking up.

Fitness and Sleep Tracking

Did we mention that your Muse Cue will be your partner in crime for your fitness journey?

Muse Cue tracks your sleep cycle, your steps, calories and all your health metrics that give you that summer body.

Let Muse Cue become your lifestyle

Muse Cue connects to our Muse Health App in which you can see all your body vitals at a glance.

You can also see your vitals patterns throughout the day and night.

Get personalised Cues

Get alerts like alarms, calls, health cues, vital alerts right on your wrist.

Snooze your phone calls with a double tap on the Cue.

For health cues, set from your App to trigger vibration on the Cue every set interval.

Monitor your health score everyday

Muse has designed a “Health Score” to assess the user’s health based on their body vitals’ patterns.

From the vitals data that Muse Cue collects throughout the day, Muse Health App calculates the baseline vitals of every individual and assigns a health score.

In case of a marked difference in these baselines due to any infection, the health score drops and the user is alerted in the App.

It’s all about the right alerts at the right time

Muse Cue will know first and alert you in case of a deviation in the body vitals beyond the normal limits.