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Pay on the go!

Pay with Muse watch quickly with just a tap, making your shopping easier and more convenient than ever. No PIN, card or smartphone required. No need to carry your wallets, cards, cash. Use it anywhere that accepts MasterCard contactless payments.


Pay anywhere online

Musecard is a virtual card issued by Musepay. You can use this card just like any other debit card to make payments anywhere online.


Private and Secure

Pay with Muse quickly, securely and easily at millions of places worldwide. You can always Lock or Unlock the payment mode on your watch. Set transaction limits. Get transaction alerts. All this managed easily from within your Musepay app.


Pay anywhere!

You can pay with your Muse watch anywhere that accepts mastercard contacless payments which is available at over 38 million pos terminals around the world. Just look for the contactless symbol to pay with your Muse.

Payment-Powered Leather Straps

Our quick-release premium leather straps are embedded with custom made secured NFC chips. Muse Straps do not need any battery power and they can work independent of your smartphone.