Muse Hybrid Smartwatch

Our first product - the Muse Hybrid smartwatch combines the elegance of a traditional watch and technology of a smartwatch.

It is powered by our own, in-house developed - Muse Smart Movement that enables Automatic Activity Tracking, Sleep Tracking, UV Exposure Tracking, Mobile Notifications, Contactless Payments, Camera/Music Control, SOS Alerts, and many more features - all with a battery life of One Year - No Charging Needed

Muse Hybrid Smart Movement

With desire in heart and wisdom in head, we pioneered this Smart Movement from the very scratch and combined all the smart features along with the detailing of traditional watch elements, to fit inside a glass chamber.

This forms the heart of everything in Muse Hybrid Smartwatches.


Muse Health

Muse Health here is your everyday health coach with the only aim of improving your personal and physical wellness hence bridging the gap between your current lifestyle and the lifestyle you want to achieve.