Ring One

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  • We include a sizing kit with each order.
  • After receiving the kit, simply choose your desired size in the Muse app.

Material: Titanium - Ceramic

Titanium - Ceramic
All titanium
18 Karat Solid Gold

Color: Silver Titanium - Black Ceramic

Silver Titanium - Black Ceramic
Black Titanium - Black Ceramic
Rose Titanium - Black Ceramic
Gold Titanium- Black Ceramic
Silver Titanium - White Ceramic
Black Titanium - White Ceramic
Rose Gold Titanium - White Ceramic
Gold Titanium- White Ceramic
All Titanium Silver
All Titanium Black
All Titanium Rose Gold
All Titanium Gold
18K Gold

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which size of ring to purchase?

You will get a free ring sizing kit before we ship your order, which guarantees the perfect size fit. You may follow the instructions in this video on how to proceed once you receive the sizing kit: https://vimeo.com/868232729?share=copy If you have any questions with your size, please leave your questions at support@conzumex.com

What is the expected shipping time?

We will start shipping in April. Please note that the shipment of your order might be delayed if you don’t submit your ring size information after receiving the sizing kit.

Which finger do we recommend for wearing the Ring One ?

Ring One is calibrated to ensure it works well on any finger. This input is taken in the app during the setup (Finger preference) to optimize the algorithms accordingly. While many other Smart Ring companies recommend wearing their products on the index finger, with the Ring One, all fingers can provide the same accuracy.
Is the Ring One Smart Ring waterproof?
Ring One water resistant upto 100 meters. That is to say, you don’t have to take it off when you’re washing your hands, taking a shower or even swimming
Can I wear the Ring One during workouts?
Yes you can wear Ring One during workouts. Crafted from Grade 2 Titanium and Ceramic Zirconia with a dual-layer coating (PVD + ePVD) and diamond polishing, Ring One offers an elegant, scratch-resistant surface. You can totally wear it for exercises like running, cycling or yoga. However, like every other material, scratches will be caused by aggressive impacts with a material that is harder than your ring. We would suggest that you wear gloves to avoid scratches while working with steel tools.
How long does it take to charge the ring?
The smart charging case will be provided along with the ring. You can place the ring inside your charging case for 2 hours to get it fully charged.
How long can the ring battery last?
The Ring One battery lasts for upto 7 days. With a fully charged smart charging case, you can recharge the ring 3-4 times. This means, when you have the case with you, the ring's battery can last for up to a month. So, no need to carry a cable with you!
Will the Ring One continuously monitor my health?
We provide three modes in the app 1. On-demand Measurements only 2. Continuous measurements 24 X 7 3. Continuous tracking during Sleep. You can select which mode you want to use as per your needs. ( This is for all the Vitals - HR, SPO2, Respiratory Rate, Temperature, HRV and BP )
Does Ring One measure Blood Pressure?
Yes, Ring One is the first smart ring to do cuff-less blood pressure measurements. It uses contextual awareness to choose the best time to measure your blood pressure and gives you accurate readings. The two optical PPG sensors work together in perfect sync to get the best signal. The algorithms use your height, weight, age and gender to estimate your blood pressure based on the signal received by the PPG sensors.