Why Muse Hybrid Smartwatch?

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This question might have popped up in your mind when you heard about our watch.
Let me take the opportunity to explain why you need a Muse Hybrid Smartwatch.

The beauty of the Classic

We realized that the beauty and elegance of a traditional watch face can never be matched by a screen that most smartwatches have. With the pursuit of creating the best of both worlds, we have designed the Muse watch with the traditional watch dial for you.


1-year battery life (No need for charging at all!)

You must have faced situations when you wished your device battery lasted longer. Especially the smartwatches that are out there have really poor battery life. Keeping this in mind, we created Muse watch with the battery life of a whole year!


Smart Functions

Have you ever wondered how it would be if your traditional watch could perform smart functionalities? You have to check out our Muse watch to see how we have added features like Automatic Time zone update, Activity tracking, UV rays protection, NFC payments, Smart Controls, Forgot Phone, Emergency Alert, Customizable straps and many more!


Customizable Looks

Most current fitness trackers offer very less variety of designs. Users seldom have the freedom to customize designs according to their liking. Muse Watch comes in various watch faces and detachable straps that lets you have the freedom to choose the style that suits you!


Smart Controls

Don’t you love to have a little bit more of control on our life? Muse watch provides you exactly that! We have included the smart control in the Muse watch such as taking selfies with the watch, snoozing calls and alarms, controlling music, and much more!


Personal Assistant

Not everyone can actually hire a personal assistant, but we sure feel like we need one. Muse watch comes with an AI personal assistant app which won’t just give you the data and information, but also add meaning to it. You can now enjoy a conversation with your own personal assistant!


UV alert

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Everyone has faced the harsh sun throughout our lives. Most of the times we don’t even know how much damage it’s causing us. With one of a kind technology, we bring you UV rays alerts which would notify you when the level of UV rays around you reaches to a harmful level.

NFC Payments

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Forget about the hassle of cash and cards and apps. We bring you the new era of payments. The NFC technology lets you make payments just by taking your watch in the proximity of the payment terminal. Imagine, now you can make payments with your classic looking wrist watch at places like metros, coffee shops, malls etc.

Planetwatch Game

On top of all the features mentioned above, to incentivize you to lead an active lifestyle, we have created a mobile strategy game called PlanetWatch. It turns your everyday activities into an immersive experience and keeps you motivated throughout the day.




For a product to be successful, there must be a great team behind it. We at Muse have a diverse group of highly skilled people who strive to bring the best experiences to you.

Muse Watches, Buy Muse Wearables, Buy Pre-Order Muse Cue, Buy Muse Cue Online


We believe that the best quality comes from not compromising even in the most minute details. With this in mind, our team relentlessly strives to attain the highest quality in our products and services for you.


Our 24×7 support would make sure that we are always here when you need us and strive to provide the best assistance.


We bring you the finest product with the maximum warranty and assistance for 2 years in case of damage.


With a fantastic price range of $99 to $149 for our various watch series, we believe that our product would be quite friendly to your pocket and your taste.


With all these features, fashion, and fun, we’re sure that you’d love to get your hands on these watches.
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Why Muse Hybrid Smartwatch? – Muse Wearables
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Why Muse Hybrid Smartwatch? – Muse Wearables
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Why Muse Hybrid Smartwatch? – Muse Wearables
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Why Muse Hybrid Smartwatch? – Muse Wearables
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Why Muse Hybrid Smartwatch? – Muse Wearables
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