The Hassle of Charging Gadgets in Daily Life

The Hassle of Charging Gadgets in Daily Life - Muse Wearables

Gadgets are a miracle in modern life, easing our daily activities and entertaining us. We’re surrounded by technology more than we believe these days and have become so dependent on our smartphones, laptops, and tablets, that we only ever realize their true importance when we’re forced to spend time without them. The way our lives are enmeshed with our gadgets and superior technology only comes to light when we are forced to be without them. The reason for this temporary absence can be a reckless mishap, misplacing the gadget, or the worst hassle of modern day life- charging!

The Hassle of Charging Gadgets in Daily Life

Imagine possessing all the latest gadgets possible. Now imagine not having any electricity at home to charge these gadgets. Or worse, having a faulty charger that works in bits and spurts! The situation could be straight out of a nightmare for any Millennial, thus focusing on how much time, energy and effort goes into staying connected and updated with technology.

Perhaps the worst defaulters among gadgets that require constant charging and upkeep are smart watches and fitness trackers. What is frustrating is that this added hassle of charging regularly makes it cumbersome for users to utilize, thus leading to an abandonment of the gadgets. This causes hindrances in the progress of users who are serious about their fitness and data to show accuracy in progress is often skewed due to this. Smartwatches too, lose out on customers who prefer mechanical or analog watches for daily use, as running out of battery is a danger nobody wants to be faced with when one is rushing for an interview! Overall, the credibility of these wearables has been under scrutiny due to their faulty battery life.

Developers realized that increasing battery life would entice users to look upon smartwatches and fitness trackers favorably again. They have come up with a variety of solutions that ease this hassle of charging. Some smartwatches are now being charged with self-charging kinetic battery systems, some are being charged by shaking them, whereas some are being powered by the wearer’s body heat.

Currently, the latest hybrid analog smartwatch to be launched in the market boasts of never-seen-before battery life of 1 year with functions like automatic activity tracking, NFC payments, UV rays alert, Lost phone alert, Customizable straps and much more. The product, launched under the name, Muse Wearables’, aims to solve the hassle of frequent charging by utilizing innovative technology. To learn more about the product, visit today and get a chance to be the first to grab it!

The Hassle of Charging Gadgets in Daily Life



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ifaggacono – Ofefopeko Ohiineajo

November 3, 2022 at 18:21pm

Hi, I have purchased a MUSE grandeur watch on 16th August 2021.
I knw the battery will last for 1 whole year, but how should I replace it afterwards? Does it need to be done by MUSE team or can I go to any standard watch repair/maintenance shop asking for cr2430 3v li battery?

August 19, 2021 at 22:44pm

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