All About Alerts in 2020.

All About Alerts in 2020.

Did The Cue Alert You?


PAUSE! Let us take a moment to embrace our beautiful mind, body & soul… 

Doesn’t it feel amazing to appreciate your own skin/self? With September being the World Heart’ & Atrial Fibrillation’ month, at Muse we are helping you learn more about personal health care & wellness. 

To be honest, the food we eat & the air we breathe today, aren’t exactly what they once used to be. And we pay visits to the doctor more often than ever before. Acknowledging the current pandemic is transcending into an arena beyond comprehension, people are suffering every day. Especially those who are unaware of what can be done during such challenging times. 

The term “wellness”, you can see is marketed everywhere. But, wellness is not just a buzzword or a trend for that matter. Wellness is a process that actively involves making the right choices towards a fulfilling life. One’s personal health is always of utmost priority to them & we at Muse Wearables couldn’t agree more. Earlier, health & fitness conscious people were the ones looking after their well-being. Considering the health crisis now, it is no longer an option but the need of the hour. 

In 2018, we gave you the World’s Best Hybrid Smartwatches, Grandeur & MinimoIn 2020, keeping a very human-centric approach, Muse has launched a smart-tech gadget into the market which will revolutionize the way people perceive personal wellness. 

The game has changed now. From previous monitoring of weight & calories to oxygen levels, heart rates, ECG, temperature fluctuations and more today. With gigantic players in the fitness tracker and smart wearables industry, consumers are confused about what’s best for them, personally. Based on the price, quality, functionality, features, etc, narrowing down on one tracker is a tedious process. But, it is not always about tracking, is it? There are other essential elements to consider like alerting, tracking at the right time, accuracy, and more.

Undoubtedly, the next big question in everyone’s mind will exist; ‘Can predictive tech gadgets alert when fluctuations arise with body health vitals?’ ‘Can one depend on a smart wearable for alerts to take actions in advance?’

So guess what, Muse heard you right!

The latest Muse Cue has become a hot favorite among fitness freaks, fashion faces & health enthusiasts. With technology around us getting smarter, people should get smarter too. 

But, Why the Cue: Your Ultimate Personal Wellness Guardian for a healthy life? 

To the tech-lovers out there, you will be ecstatic to know that the Muse cue has been made using anodized aluminium and recyclable plastic for faster air convection (important to measure body vitals). This is directly proportionate to deriving accurate results and helps the tracker to emphasize on the key metrics to measure. 

By the way, the tracker has no screen. No-display Screen = No Distractions!

Why having these alerts are good for you?

Every Muse Cue is Personalised to You.

In any event, the ability to receive alerts on your health is always a boon. And that’s what makes Muse Wearables the best hybrid smart wearable band out in the market. 

Baseline Values- The Basic Health State of Life:

The context-aware AI built-in your Cue measures every individual’s personal health parameter at the very beginning. These values that are initially calculated by the Cue are called baseline values. Once your wearable tech understands your body well, it personalizes itself to you. Depending on the stimuli or the environment you are in, the tracker compares your baseline values with the response values. Under any fluctuations, you’ll be alerted immediately.

  1. How’s Your Oxygen Doing?

The first involuntary action post-birth that every human does is breathe. And that happens even if we do not place any focus on it. Muse Cue is designed in such a way that it alerts you if your oxygen response levels are varying from initial baseline values.

      2. Temperature Sensing Made Easy: 

Is it feasible to carry your thermometer everywhere you go? 

That’s why the Cue comes handy for you. Using skin & ambient temperature, the Cue is able to measure body temperature with an accuracy level of 0.1% (as per standard guidelines).

     3. Every Beat Of Your Heart Is Important:

Using optical sensors, Muse Cue is 100% accurate in listening & understand your heart rate. Should there be any discrepancies, your guardian will alert you, instantly. COVID 

Whether 10 years of age or 90, everyone is entitled to a healthy and happy life. Muse is doing its bit and working towards a brighter & better tomorrow. Should you choose to get on this journey with us, do join ‘An Exclusive MUSE Cue Community’ on Facebook. You’ll find your Genie like offers right there. 


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gadgets info

July 17, 2023 at 06:08am

It’s a great product i give it a 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating .it’s very accurate .

May 31, 2022 at 08:48am

The Muse Cue sounds great! Given the pandemic and the increasing amount of health problems we are facing, this definitely seems like a “must-have” for these times! Loved the insights in the article!

September 27, 2020 at 14:42pm

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