Transaction Limits
Maximum single contactless transaction * £30
Maximum single transaction £1000
Limit per day £1000
Maximum count of transactions per day 10
Loading Limits
Minimum amount per load £10
Maximum amount per load £1500
Maximum amount load per day £1500
Maximum count of loads per day 1
Transaction Fees
POS - EU Free
POS - Foreign currency **2.5%
POS - Outside EU £0.5
Load Fees
Bank Transfer 0.5
Debit Card NA
Credit Card NA
Paypal NA
Purchase Fees
Virtual Prepaid Mastercard Free
Maintenance Fees
Account Activation Free
Virtual Prepaid card activation fee Free
Account management Free
Balance enquiry Free
Account maintenance - Monthly Free
Account maintenance - 1st Year Free
Account maintenance - 2nd year onwards £6
Inactive Account (after 365 days of no spend and no load) £2.49
Account Closure £5
Transaction history Free
Chargeback handling £25
* Muse watch is subject to a maximum amount in line with the local contactless transaction limits, as such this may be higher or lower
**Mastercard foreign exchange rate for conversion + a 2.5 % currency conversion bank fee