Muse GTag

Rs. 5,499.00 INR Rs. 4,949.00 INR SAVE 10%
Program Duration : 2 Weeks

Number of sensors: 1 CGM sensor

1 CGM sensor
6 CGM sensors
12 CGM sensors
24 CGM sensors

Compatible only with Andriod 6.0+ and NFC-enabled mobiles

Product Details
Compatibility Android 6.0+
Connectivity NFC enabled phones
Durability Sweat and Water resistant. Suitable for all fitness activities
Each CGM sensor can be used for 14 days.
Learn how GTag can help you achieve the right diet and nutrition 

Frequently asked questions

Can I install the CGM sensor myself?

Yes, Installing the sensor is a very easy process that you can do by yourself. 

Does installing the sensor hurt ?

No, you will only feel a small pinch when you install the sensor. Installing the sensor is a pain free process.

Is there any bleeding while applying or removing the sensor?

No, the sensor measures Glucose values from the interstitial fluid. There is usually no bleeding while installing or removing the sensor.
Is the sensor water and sweat proof?
Yes, the sensor is waterproof for 30 minutes upto 1 meter depth. So, you can bath or enjoy your water-sports with the sensor.
How long does the CGM sensor work?
Each Glucose Sensor works for only 14 days. Once the sensor expires, you need to remove and install a new sensor to continue glucose monitoring
Is the NFC enabled phone mandatory to use Muse GTag ?
Yes, The sensor uses NFC to send the glucose values to your phone. 

What is the accuracy of the glucose sensors ?

The freestyle libre 2 CGM sensor is known for its remarkable accuracy. Clinical studies have shown promising results. However, always consult a healthcare professional for personalised guidance. 
Do I need to wear the GTag patch on top of the sensor?
Yes, we recommend you wear the GTag patch on the sensor. This will help you hold the sensor in place. 
*Muse GTag comes with an Abbott Freestyle Libre 2 sensor. However, please note that the information and data displayed on the app can not substitute clinical guidance from a healthcare professional.