Creating Immersive Experiences

Creating Immersive Experiences - Muse Wearables

2017 saw the big four technological giants–Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook take massive steps towards creating innovative leadership for virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). In fact, a new trend in the modus operandi of content publishers and developers aims to be in the creation of an immersive experience that has the potential to change the way we interact with our technology altogether. The winds of change signal a new system that can encompass multiple engagements, encourage further influencers and satisfy various customers with new arrangements of brand interaction.

Creating Immersive Experiences - Muse Wearables

To ideate what an immersive experience entails, envision this new interface as a network of different hardware devices such as wearables and mobile phones that are enmeshed along with software and other services transported through apps. Focusing on the new wave of wearables indicate, not only certain sensor-based devices that permit us to accumulate environmental and technical data, such as the user’s location and body temperature, as have already been experienced, but also some novel arrangements of biometric data that include the users heart rate and their footsteps, to create an experience that is immensely personal.

Earlier on, apps and various products were created in isolation and individuals molded themselves accordingly to use the parts that worked for them. But now, developers are placing human experience and satisfaction at the heart of this new technology. A primary focus for new visionaries is the ‘Internet of You’, where developers are reinterpreting earlier models of the ‘Internet of Things’.

The consumer today is tech-savvy and informed and demands instant gratification. Immersive experiences allow these patrons to be deeply absorbed in various products; allowing various brands the chance to deliver unparalleled levels of involvement with their respective target audiences.

Power player Google’s Android Wear is turning wearables into a platform for delivering an assortment of new services. For this purpose, it has gone a step ahead and newly acquired ‘Nest’, which offers smart devices for the home, such as thermostats and smoke detectors. A blend of Nest’s home solutions united with Google’s language recognition could realize a vision of the conscious home. 

The Indian company ‘Conzumex’, under the brand name, Muse Wearables aims at creating a platform of interconnected devices. These include an analog watch that is fashionable, highly resilient and remarkably intelligent; a personal assistant that provides conversation as well as multiple services in the field of fitness, nutrition and finance and finally, a game, called ‘Planet Watch’ that connects users’ daily activities to an immersive reality.


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Creating Immersive Experiences – Muse Wearables

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