Re-imagining Smartwatches: Touchscreen vs Analogue

Re-imagining Smartwatches: Touchscreen vs Analogue - Muse Wearables

Re-imagining Smartwatches: Touchscreen vs Analogue - Muse Wearables


Shopping for a watch has never before been so delightful. Or confusing. There are a variety of watches in the market that spoil the buyer for choice. We don’t only mean the various brands but the types of watch bestow an incredible amount of freedom to the modern consumer. There are currently a number of Analogue watches, Smartwatches and Hybrid watches in the market. Confused about which type to buy? Learning about the highlights of each type could simplify your decision.

Analog Watches

Firstly, Analogue watches are watches that work with a traditional clock-face and have a mechanism to indicate time by means of mechanical structures, such as a dial and hands. They have been around for centuries and are utilized even today as traditional or antique pieces. Most people have a sentimental connect with these watches and we can’t see them being replaced in the near future. Analog watches are also seen as a style statement or fashion accessory for many consumers and have been considered a luxury item over the years. They don’t run heavily on electronics but use simple quartz movement to function. They also are effective for long-term use as their battery life lasts for an extended period of time.


Re-imagining Smartwatches: Touchscreen vs Analogue - Muse Wearables

Next, Touchscreen watches utilize the modern touch screen technology to the display interface. However, they are a long way off from overtaking the functionalities of a smartphone. The large screen of a smartphone that offers clarity, speed and simplicity is just something a smartwatch cannot compete with. Smartwatches offer full-color touchscreens, buttons, voice command, and gesture control. They also connect to your smartphone and can function with GPS and WiFi. Some even have the feature of calling as well. All these gadgetry features drain the smartwatch battery, giving it a poor battery life of hardly two days. Unfortunately, too often a smartwatch tries to ape a smartphone. However, users will always choose the latter over the former due to the superior display and battery performance. Thus, smartwatches don’t bring anything new to the table. If it is able to interact with us in a way that a smartphone can’t, perhaps then will it become more useful and interesting to use.

Hybrid Watches

Finally, we look at Hybrid watches that have Analogue displays like their traditional counterparts but also utilize Smartwatch features that connect with smartphones wirelessly using Bluetooth and come with a number of companion apps, such as fitness tracking, music, and smart notifications. A hybrid watch isn’t trying to ape a smartphone, it just wants to fuse the best of the analog and smartwatch features. For these reasons, plus the superior battery life and the stylish build of a traditional timepiece, the Hybrid watch is perhaps the best kind of watch to invest in. Good experience of a Hybrid watch is that of Muse Wearables that offers a number of cool features like fitness tracking, UV tracking, NFC payments and more, all available at a never seen before battery life of over 1 year. The product is integrated with an AI-powered Chatbot and exergaming based mobile application platform as well.

Re-imagining Smartwatches: Touchscreen vs Analogue - Muse Wearables

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