7 reasons why Muse Cue should be your next big buy

 7 Reasons Why Muse Cue Should Be Your Next Big Buy - Muse Wearables

Here we are! In the season of wearables and gadgets. In a smart age where every aspect of our life is surrounded by a smart gadget, we need to become smarter. These innovations have clearly made our lives effortless from staying connected with our loved ones, to getting information, to tracking your health every day, all just at the tap of a single button. Undoubtedly smart fitness wearables have made a bullish pace in evolution and consumer behaviours have changed drastically. Keeping a track on body vitals has become one of the most essential habits consumers have adopted of late. With the help of smart wearables, the future of healthcare and monitoring is right on our wrists.

Adapting to new consumer trends, multiple brands have launched fitness trackers in the market. However, consumers are having a tough time choosing the right choice for themselves. So many questions pop up along with many options such as should one prefer style to accuracy? Healthy vitals to activity tracking? Price to quality? With prices ranging between 2,000/- & 40,000/- big giants and start-ups are equally bringing in innovative products to make consumer lives seamless; but the Million Dollar question is; “Which brand gives the consumer the best value for money?”

The best health tracker to buy in 2020.

Apple has recently launched the Series 6 Watch which starts at INR 40,000/-. Amazing! Now that's quite some money to spend on a health tracker. The Apple watch monitors SpO2 and heart rate including sleep tracking, activity tracking, call/msg notifications, SOS. Guess what, MUSE Cue (know more) already does all these and in fact even more. Meet your Intelligent Personal Wellness Guardian. Let’s dive deeper to see what the innovative features of Muse Cue are:

  1. Body Vitals Tracking: The key vitals to track diseases like COVID are SpO2 level, heart rate, skin temp, heart rate variability and respiratory rate. The faceless screen ensures the accuracy of temperature up to 0.1°C and allows users to focus on the betterment of lifestyle.                                                                                                                                          
  2. Miraculous Cough Analysis (You’d love to know what this is): The most interesting part is that with Muse Cue one can run their personal cough analysis and put it to test for COVID SYMPTOMS! Yes, you heard it right. Remote healthcare consultation is now possible and beneficial to track your family’s health remotely during such hard times                                    
  3. Alert 1, Alert 2, Alert 3 & never-ending: The Muse Cue gives personalised alerts with inbuilt illuminating LED's. Users now get extremely essential health alerts when any of their body vitals show inconsistencies. (know more)                                                                                 
  4. AI technology at a tap: The Muse Cue is a context-aware smart band and knows exactly when to start measuring your body vitals. Thanks to the in-house domain aware AI allowing Muse Cue to follow the users’ health patterns to predict future threats. One can now pay more attention to their personal health care. (know more)                                                          
  5. Price: Let’s talk about the best part. Muse is super budget-friendly as we understand you do not want to shell out a fortune on a health band. While other tech giants sell their smart bands for 20,000 - 30,000/-, Muse Cue has made its entry into the market with INR 4999/-. We have three exciting colours (Red, Black and White) and the bands are swappable.          
  6. Muse Care, beyond the Cue: Muse Cue is connected to the Muse health app which has an inbuilt platform called the Muse care. It facilitates users to remote consult with health care providers to receive better care for their  health.                                                                                                     
  7. Made In India: Apart from all these exciting features, Muse Cue is a completely designed and ‘Made in India’ brand. Do we need more reasons to support our very own ‘Make-in-India’ campaign? 

Muse Cue is a complete health package not just for you but, also for your entire family. Muse Cue warns for diverse kinds of breathing issues associated with COVID pneumonia. 

The Cue is the latest innovation from the IIT-Madras Incubated start-up, Muse Wearables (know more). Muse wearables being the first to launch hybrid smartwatches in India is the house of premium hybrid smartwatches, health bands and more. Muse health app has an inbuilt remote consultation service called the ‘Muse Care’ which helps users to consult health care providers remotely for better health tracking. The app also has a health research platform that enables researchers and users to contribute to health-related research topics. Muse wearables also has Muse Pay, a cashless payment feature which you will find interesting. The leather straps of The Muse hybrid smartwatches are embedded with secured NFC payment chips. 

The current pandemic is here to stay. If we cannot fight it, we need to work our ways around it. Hence it is critically important to use smart trackers as part of your lifestyle. The fact is owning the right product at the right time is what you need to get right. So, choose wisely on your health tracker which seems to be a big challenge in 2020 & we at Muse are right here to assist you.


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